Sunday, June 2, 2013

Betty's Red Album

I've completed scanning and editing the photo album I talked about in the earlier post today. It's now available on Flickr, here

I scanned each page at 100%, and then enlarged selected pictures. The enlarged pictures follow the image of the page they appear on. The page images appear in the original order of the album.

Be warned: Flickr has changed, and not for the better. When you get to the linked page, you should see large thumbnails of the pages in the Flickr set, Betty's Red Album. Mouse over the first, cover picture, and then click on the diverging arrows icon in the bottom right corner of the thumbnail to make the picture full screen. 

Now you should be able to page through the album by clicking the the right-arrow icon at the far right of the screen. Note that if you click the Play button in the centre below the picture, it will launch an annoying slide show that uses pan-and-zoom techniques.

Oh, and here's one more sample from the album. Recognize anybody here? The setting, I'm guessing, is Wonderland Gardens in London.

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